You can’t do much to sugarcoat an outrageously bad decision. But it’s important to know the difference between a one-time error in judgment and a decision to pursue a critically flawed strategy — in fact, your future career may depend on knowing the difference.

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I help companies develop, implement, utilize and oversee analytical tools that help managers make risky decisions (i.e., risk-based decision analytics). For example, I have helped companies score and rate their customers, suppliers, borrowers and even their own employees' performance. Prior to founding RiskKnowledge (previously, "Conquer Risk/EMRA"), I taught Executive MBAs for several years at Kellogg-HKUST and prior to this worked on Wall Street. I am also an adjunct Professor of Executive Education at CIIM, a Harvard Business Review blogger and a contributor to FinanceAsia, Risk Professional and The Wall Street Journal. My PhD and MA are in economics from Princeton and my double-BA is in economics and mathematics from Northwestern. I am also a chartered FRM holder from the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

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